Drummers’ dream come true!

Dear drummer friends,
My adventure of drumless songs, which I invented 15 years ago while I was sitting in my home studio and thinking about how to make playing my electric drums more fun, continues with pleasure until today.
I didn’t have a band at that time, and playing drums alone could get boring after a while. Thus, the idea of “drumless songs” was born.
Since then, I have helped countless drummers achieve their dreams. I met great drummers from all over the world.

I run this business alone, meaning I handle all production, design and sales tasks myself.
You can contact me at any time. I will respond to you super fast.

Özgür Çetav


Freelance Programmer,

Inventor of the Drumless Songs,

Owner and worker of Drumless Version.

Drumless songs, also known as play-along tracks, are musical compositions that omit the drum parts, allowing drummers to practice and perform along with the music. These tracks provide an excellent opportunity for drummers to enhance their skills, creativity, and timing.

The concept of drumless songs originated from the desire to give drummers the freedom to explore and experiment with different rhythms and fills without the constraints of a pre-existing drum track. By removing the drums from the composition, drummers can fully express themselves and adapt their playing style to better fit the music they are accompanying.

Moreover, drumless songs are not just limited to drumming practice. They offer a variety of benefits for musicians of all instruments and skill levels. They can be used for jamming, improvisation, live performances, recording sessions, and teaching purposes. Drummers can utilize these tracks to refine their sense of groove, develop their improvisational skills, and sharpen their overall musicality.

With the availability of drumless songs across various genres and styles, drummers can explore different musical contexts and broaden their versatility. Whether it’s jazz, rock, pop, funk, or any other genre, drumless tracks provide a valuable resource for honing drumming techniques in a diversity of musical settings.

So, if you’re a drummer looking to elevate your playing or a musician seeking high-quality practice material, consider incorporating drumless songs into your musical journey. These tracks offer an engaging and immersive experience, allowing you to unleash your creativity and improve your musical skills.

Now, go ahead and embrace the world of drumless songs, where the rhythm is yours to create!